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So far in the series of articles we’ve covered:

In this blog post we will be covering a great way to display the report pdf returned by the Web API in AngularJS.

Can’t I just let the browser display the PDF?

Upon on the surface this would seem the most straight forward answer until you run into the problem of:

Cross browser compatibility

During a recent project, I observed that a web browsers behaviour when displaying a PDF would vary across different browsers. The solution to the problem was PDF.JS.

Step Five : Using PDF.JS

PDF.js can be found on github. It is a great general-purpose, JavaScript library which renders PDF files using the HTML5 Canvas.

PDF.js in action

This last step is as simple as adding PDF.JS to your solution. Then call it on the client-side by passing in the pdf by the ‘file’ URL parameter. For Example:‘/app/pdfviewer/web/viewer.html?file=’’ + $scope.invoice.InvoiceID);

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