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Software engineer whose passionate about IoT, Dev-Ops, Security, UWP & Xamarin.

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It was great fun speaking at the December .Net User Group in Sydney, which held a special IoT/Win10 double header event featuring myself & Dave Glover from Microsoft.

Windows Internet of Things development starts to sizzle – Learn the Universal Windows Platform

Windows 10 is here and will be powering a billion devices shortly. The attendees will learn how to develop IoT applications that target Windows 10 IoT core, by developing on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and how to integrate the solution with Windows Azure.

Windows 10 for IoT: What is it and how do you develop for it

Windows 10 for IoT Microsoft brings the Universal Windows Platform app development to the amazing Raspberry Pi 2 and MinnnowBoard Max devices, and that opens up a whole world of new opportunities. This is a technical developer session starting from first principles of IoT devices, programming languages and high-level app support. It’ll be fun, there will be plenty of bright lights, and hopefully, you’ll be inspired to go out and build.

I enjoyed talking shop and swaping war stories with passionate devs on a range of topics including Azure, IoT & Universal Windows Platform! Thank you to the team behind Sydney .Net Usergroup I look forward to presenting at this UserGroup again in the future!

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