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Chris Briggs

Software engineer whose passionate about IoT, Dev-Ops, Security, UWP & Xamarin.

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One of the most common questions developers ask is ‘How do I secure my app?’ Googling often leads to confusion and implementation of solutions that are far from being secure.

In this presentation, Chris Briggs, Senior Software Developer, will take attendees on a step by step journey through the fundamentals of security implementing authentication and authorization when working with a SPA framework, e.g: AngularJS 1 / 2, Aurelia, Ember.

A talk for devs by a dev who’s passionate about Security and just trying to make the web a safer place one app at a time.

The key subject areas that this presentation covers:

  • Security
  • AngularJS 2
  • ASP 5 Web API

##Upcoming presentations!

  • DDD Brisbane
    • Upcoming : 05/12/2015 - Brisbane, Australia

Feel free to tweet me comments, feedback or questions to @ChrisBriggsy.