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Chris Briggs

Software engineer whose passionate about IoT, Dev-Ops, Security, UWP & Xamarin.

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About Me

Chris is a Brisbane based Software Engineer, who is most well known for his community event organising, whose previously responsible for organising Angular, Magickcraft & Xamarin events across Australia with more to come in the future.

Formerly a consultant with SSW, Chris has now focused his attention on solving problems in the Event Ticketing space, which intersects IoT, Dev-Ops, Security, Micoserivces & Xamarin.

Chris’ most interesting achievement for 2017 was being the Azure Functions expert on the technical team who was responsible running a successful world record attempt at Microsoft Ignite in Minecraft. He helped 30 kids kill 13,584 Minecraft Zombies in 10 minutes using JavaScript lightning, while generating over 2 million log messages.

When you don’t find Chris at his desk, with a stack of technical books next to him he’s coding away at a problem. You’ll find him attempting to apply that same mindset to engineering his way to the perfect cup of coffee.


  • Let’s set a world reord! (Azure functions & brainnnssss): In this lighting talk, I talk about the experience of getting ready to capture the metrics for Magickcraft’s world record attempt at killing the most zombies in Minecraft with JavaScript. Read more…
    • Technologies used include: Azure Functions
    • Presented at: BrisJs

  • Securing AngularJs & Asp 5 Web API - Auth Fundamentals: In this upcoming presentation, I will take attendees on a step by step journey through the fundamentals of security implementing authentication and authorization when working with a SPA framework.Read more…
    • Technologies used include: AngularJS 2 & ASP 5 Web API
    • Presenting at: DDD Brisbane

  • Windows Internet of Things development starts to sizzle – Learn the Universal Windows Platform: In this presentation, the attendees will learn how to develop IoT applications that target Windows 10 IoT core, by developing on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and how to integrate the solution with Windows Azure. Read more…
    • Technologies used include: Azure, Windows IoT & Universal Windows Platform
    • Presented at: YOW! Connected 2015 & QUT CODE

  • Supercharging your Xamarin app! 3 must use libraries: In this presentation, learn how to solve common problems, effortlessly by adding 3 must have libraries to your Xamarin project! Read more…
    • Technologies used include: Xamarin, Polly, Akavache & Fody
    • Presented at: Brisbane & Sydney Xamarin Hack Day 2015

  • Jumping into Windows Internet of Things development by using the Universal Windows Platform: In this presentation, I build a simple Universal app, deploy it to Raspberry Pi 2, then expand upon the application to read input from sensors and finally establish communication with Azure. Read more…


  • What is Gamification and how it could work for you: I sit down and discuss all things Gamification with Zac Fitz-Walter, founder of Gamification Weekly and associate lecturer at the Games Research and Interaction Design (GRID) Lab. Read more…
    • Topics discussed include: Gamification, Engagement & Motivation

  • The Internet of Things - Ilija Injac on all things IoT and .NET: In this interview, Jeremy Cade and I discuss all things: Azure, .NET Micro Framework & Windows Internet of Things with Pluralsight author and Microsoft Azure MVP Ilija Injac. Read more…
    • Topics discussed include: Azure, .NET Micro Framework & Windows IoT

  • What’s on the horizon of the Internet of Things (IoT) with Stuart Corner: In this interview I speak to the creator of Internet of Things Australia, a website about all things IoT. Stuart shares his enthusiasm for the potential of IoT in the everyday world and what developers can look forward to with IoT development. Read more…
    • Topics discussed include: Fog / Edge computing, Future of Networks & the Quantified Self

Projects include:

  • TimePro Web API: Wrote the Web API layer which was used for a new Angular application to integrate with the legacy TimePro code base. As a part of this project, he integrated an existing SQL Server Reporting Services server with Angular via Web API.
    • Technologies used: Web API & SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

  • SugarLearning: Worked on a next generation induction tool, which streamlines the process of employee induction.
    • Technologies used: MVC5 & Azure

  • Security Intrusion response: Worked With an Australian Web Content Management Solutions (CMS) development company on uncovering the source and techniques used in order to compromise their CMS platform.
    • Technologies used: A wide range of different penetration testing tools including MetaSploit.